Jobs at Watershed Publishing

August 2011: we're looking for a writer/researcher covering the defense beat.

Watershed Publishing in a nutshell

We're a small but profitable online-only trade publisher operating since 2004 out of Vermont and many other states (and a couple other countries outside of the US) through a flexible, geographically distributed structure. Despite our size and private self-funding, we have sizable ambitions and plans to keep helping trade publishing moving from a relatively staid print-focused industry into a more nimble one that make the best uses of what the internet has to offer for information collection, aggregation and distribution.

What we're looking for in all candidates

  • You are comfortable and productive working remotely with a team spread over many locations. You understand that working remotely gives you both more freedom and more responsibility. You communicate often and proactively to avoid tunnel effects. You are articulate in verbal and written communications, with proper grammar and spelling. You’re easily reachable by phone, email, and instant messaging.
  • You know how to organize your time and priorities and are comfortable with project management.
  • You pay attention to details and have a good memory, and you hate to drop the ball. You’re well-mannered, have a strong sense of ethics, and good judgment. You don't like drama.
  • You crave ongoing learning and improvement. For you "good enough" means "really good." In a work relationship you're looking for high performance; not coddling.
  • You have a properly setup home office with broadband internet access and a decent computer. You self-support your IT/phone needs.

If the above sounds like you but we don't currently have opened positions that sound like a fit, don't hesitate to contact us so we can be in touch if/when we hire in your domain of expertise.