Smart Online Aggregation for b2b Audiences

Smart Online Aggregation for b2b Audiences

marketingchartsWatershed Publishing is a publisher of trade publications focused on saving the time of their readers through savvy use of online technology combined with curated content and data aggregation.

Select, high-value business-to-business audiences of decision-makers and critical thinkers come to our properties for a concise and factual treatment of the news and trends that affect them. serves marketing executives and researchers, while is tailored to military procurement officers and contractors.

We provide both trade advertising to brands and paid content to our readers. We have pursued online curation since 2004, data visualization since 2007, paid subscriptions since 2008, and responsive web design since 2012, among moves made ahead of most of the b2b publishing world.

didOur team combines editorial, analytical, and web development skills. Feel free to contact us to comment on our editorial content, learn about our advertising offerings or any other business matter on your mind.

Watch the video below for a quick take on how we structure and deliver valuable b2b content: